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July 6, 2011

Diaper Rash – Help!

Baby Nurse Question: My baby keeps getting a really bad diaper rash. What causes it and what can I do to soothe and prevent it?

Diaper rash is red, bumpy and even raw skin in the diaper area that can be caused by long periods of trapped dampness on the skin or friction from a diaper or wipe. And although it’s common and in most cases nothing to worry about, it can be painful for your baby. Here are a few ways to help prevent diaper rash along with a few soothing/healing tips:


–  Change your baby’s diapers frequently. The less time moisture has to sit against your baby’s bottom the less irritated the skin will become.

–  Try washing your baby’s bottom with mild soap and water instead of using disposable wipes every time you change a diaper. It’s easy to do, particularly when you’re at home, and it will be gentler on your baby’s skin not to mention better for the environment!

–  To minimize moisture on the skin, apply a barrier cream to your baby’s bottom each diaper change. I like Aquaphor ointment and Vaseline also works well.


–  Avoid using wipes completely–even the mildest wipes can be irritating. When the rash starts to fade, slowly introduce the wipes again until your baby’s bottom is completely healed.

–  Use mild soap and warm water to wash your baby’s bottom. Once washed, gently pat completely dry with a soft towel and liberally slather a diaper rash ointment on the affected area. Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm is highly effective yet has been given the “green” light from EWG’s Cosmetics Database as opposed to many others that contain harsh or potentially harmful ingredients.

–  Don’t overlook natural remedies–I’ve seen things such as extra virgin olive oil work wonders on a diaper rash!

If your baby’s rash becomes serious or is recurring, be sure to speak with his pediatrician about treatment and prevention options (sometimes it can be diet-related, among other things!)

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