Babies in Helmets: Better Safe than Sorry?

Photo Credit: Thudguard Baby Protective Safety Helmet at

I recently read a Boston Globe article on the growing number of babies wearing helmets. According to the article, a host of new brands producing childhood “protective armor” are starting to flood the already crowded parent-targeted consumer market (and consciousness).  While there are sound medical and developmental reasons behind the use of helmets, the “trend” of helmet and other protective wear use simply out of fear of accidental harm seems slightly alarming.

My goal as a nurse and care provider to moms and babies is and always has been to provide and promote safety and healthy development. In fact, a whole chapter in The Baby Nurse Bible is dedicated to creating a safe and healthy environment for you and your baby. But as with everything, there should be limits. While I respect every parent’s right to protect their child from potential harm, I do think it’s possible to over-protect. If a young child is taught to always look over her shoulder, will she be as apt to explore her environment and try new things—two fundamental tools for life and independence?

How do you feel about baby helmets for everyday use? Would you use one on your baby?


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