Enjoying What’s Left of Winter

It’s hard to believe, with seven-foot icy snow banks all around us, that there’s a light at the end of this tunnel called winter. But whether spring relief comes early this year or rolls around far into April, it’s important as parents to stay positive and embrace the what’s left of the season. As I wrote in December, there are several things you can do to incorporate a little fresh air and sunlight into your daily routine. In fact, it has been proven that by simply spending at least ten minutes per day outside—a walk once around the block before dropping your baby off at daycare, enjoying family playtime in the yard before starting the day, or a quick stop by the park with your baby before lunch—you can beat the winter blues. Here are a few ways to enjoy the last weeks of winter:

Sledding: I too had never considered the idea of sledding with baby, but there are quite a few infant and toddler sleds on the market, like the one pictured here, that are perfect for pulling your little one around the snow in. The high back and sides along with belted support really makes this a fun option for your child and great exercise for you!

Walks: There’s so much for babies of any age to take in when you go out for a walk. It’s not only refreshing but really stimulates the senses. So even though it’s cold out, bundle up your baby and put him in the stroller or carrier and head outside. Walk in the woods and describe what you see as you walk or head into the city for a contrasting experience.

Indoor Play Spaces: Try out local play spaces like this one, http://www.mymamaandme.com/, that welcomes babies. You’ll not only get a change of scenery and overcome any cabin fever but you’ll probably meet other families for future play dates too!

Museums/Aquarium: It’s really never too early to bring your baby to a museum or aquarium. Again, the new sights and sounds will be stimulation and you’ll be entertained as well.

Do you have other great winter activity ideas? Please share below!


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