Family Holiday Traditions

I have always loved the idea of family traditions–something every family member will look forward to each year and that all will look fondly back on someday. Our family has a few special traditions and recently started having friends over to bake ginger bread houses (my daughter LOVES this one!). Some of our family’s best traditions though have not only been passed down over the years but also come from ideas we’ve gotten from other families. If your family is looking for a special activity to start sharing together each year, here are a few ideas:

  • Choose a holiday film you feel good about sharing with your kids and watch it all cuddled up together on a significant holiday date, complete with hot cocoa and snacks.
  • Find a recipe–cookies, pie or even a hearty soup–that you can all get excited about making together each year.
  • Pick out a special family ornament together. Choose a local gift shop or holiday market you can return to. Often you can personalize ornaments with your family name and the year. Or, you can make it a tradition for each member of the family to pick out their own unique ornament each year, making your collection memorable as well as plentiful!
  • Dedicate one holiday/winter story that resonates with your family culture and read it together.
  • Create a playlist of holiday music that means a lot to everyone in the family and listen to it each year as you decorate your home together.
  • Pick a nice trail or place to walk and return every year as a family. Bundle everyone up and pack snacks and warm drinks in a thermos and enjoy some time together outside. Kids love and always remember doing things a bit out of the ordinary!

We’d love to hear what your family does to celebrate the holidays from year to year! If you have traditions you’d like to share, please leave a comment below.


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