Holiday Giving (and beyond!)

Over Thanksgiving, one thing we’ve been talking about both within my family and among the team at Boston Baby Nurses is the importance of giving during the holiday season, whether it be your time or something material, big or small. It’s never too early to start holiday traditions in your family that are focused on giving to those less fortunate. Visit a local nursing home or go through your pantry and closets to find goods and clothes to donate, every little example you set will enrich your baby’s life and your family as a whole.

My daughter’s girlscout troop and Boston Baby Nurses has had the immense pleasure of helping out the eight homeless families at Mary’s House in Waltham, a shelter where many babies and children live. It’s been an amazing experience doing this with my daughter–she seems to really get the importance of what she’s contributing to and that those homeless families have it really tough right now.

The kids at Mary’s House came up with a (heartbreaking) Christmas “wish list” and we made sure we met those needs, in addition to donating formula and other necessities.

Mary’s House Wish list for Christmas:
1. Rose 11-year-old girl requested a Hanna Montana shirt Med
2. Rushad 1.5-year-old boy requested bath toys
3. Michael 2-year-old boy requested baby basketball set
4. Ji Anne 2-year-old girl requested Dora the explorer toy
5. Tiffany 4-month-old girl, family requested a little bouncy seat
6. Ariel 5-year-old girl requested a African American doll
7. Rehema 8-month-old girl, family requested a learn to walk push toy
8. Anna 2-month-old girl, family requested baby shampoo & soaps

Working with this shelter really opened our eyes and made all of us feel so good about giving. We’ve decided to keep filling Mary’s House wish lists on a monthly basis, to try and make some small difference in the lives of babies, children and parents in need.

For more family-friendly charity ideas visit SheKnows Parenting’s article “Giving, Not Gifting.”


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