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October 25, 2010

SIDS Awareness Month

Baby Sleeping in proper "Back to Sleep" Position

As part of our postpartum support at Boston Baby Nurses, we guide families with the most current SIDS research and prevention recommendations and encourage them to discuss SIDS thoroughly with their caregivers. Prenatal care and “Back to Sleep” remain vital to reducing the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). SIDS is still the leading cause of death for U.S. babies from one month to one year old. As part of October’s SIDS Awareness Month, our family communities need to work to revive the critical discussion about SIDS risk factors and prevention. Earlier this year a Children’s Hospital Boston research breakthrough identified low brainstem serotonin levels as a major factor in SIDS cases.

Although the “Back to Sleep” campaign in the 90’s decreased SIDS cases by 50%, sustaining that effort is vital, along with spreading awareness among new parents and caregivers about other prevention measures including good prenatal care, smoke-free environments, proper bedding and sleepwear, and pacifier use. For more information on SIDS risk factors and prevention visit

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